Now What?

About our wood:

Wood is a natural, living material with various(im)perfections such as knots, grain patterns, uneven planks, natural cracks and splits and other markings which add uniqueness to every piece.  

Within each piece of our handmade furniture, you can expect these variances to be visible. We do not try to hide any of these aspects as these are the parts which give character and make each piece unique – mark our words – the pieces would be a lot more lifeless without them!    

The planks which form the table tops are glued and jointed together in a way which will allow them to move as they contract and expand according to the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.

As pine is a softwood it is also prone to some shrinkage, to help limit this, please avoid exposing your furniture to excessive heat e.g. by placing it in front of a radiator or fire. A minimum 1m clearance from heat sources is recommended.


Caring for your furniture:

Our Plank Dining table and Bench tops are finished with several layers of water-based varnish.  We use varnish as it looks great, is easy to maintain and provides a durable protection for the wood.  

For day-to-day cleaning, a soft, dry microfiber cloth will collect any dust; a soft brush may also be used to remove dust from the wood grain, cracks or crevices.

Take care to clean away liquid spills as soon as possible with a damp cloth (water only).  Treat tough spots with a tiny amount of diluted washing-up liquid on a damp cloth.  Follow up by rubbing with a dry cloth immediately to maintain a shine.

Never use water, alcohol or acid-based cleaners on varnished wood, as these may damage the finish.  Avoid over-wetting and never leave a damp cloth sitting on the varnished surface.

Do not place hot or wet items such as pans, plates and mugs etc directly onto the surface, we recommend the use of placemats or coasters to avoid unwanted stains and marks.

The table and bench bases are painted with a tough wearing polyurethane paint which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth (water only), treat tough spots with a tiny amount of diluted washing-up liquid on a damp cloth.