OLLU definition; Join. Combine. Be Possible. Be Practicable – this perfectly describes what we do.

 In our busy workshop, we design and make a range of contemporary furniture. Our unique collection of handmade pieces are designed to complement one another and when brought together, ‘joined & combined’, they create a beautiful, cohesive range that is perfect for any setting.

Style, colour and texture are the key elements which form our signature style, all of which encapsulate a fresh, modern look with a timeless feel. We are careful to create pieces which maintain character and our skilled team has worked tirelessly to evolve methods and techniques to attain this original look.

OLLU is a brand with a conscience and we carefully consider our environment. Where possible, we buy our materials locally and our team is inherently resourceful, even our off-cuts of wood fuel the wood burner through the winter!

We hope you will enjoy our ever-growing range of furniture as much as we love making it. We have created an accessible collection to enable you to make your style statement, your way.